Friday, November 20, 2009

Hokahey 5k, Buenos Aires Edtion

The Hokahey 5k, a benefit run for my good friend Dan Keitz to help offset the costs associated with a diagnosis of ALS and CIDP, was held recently. Due to some last minute travel changes, I could not be at the Hokahey 5k race in Austin. So, after hearing there would be runners running the race remotely from Ohio, Vermont, and India, I put on the Buenos Aires International edition the race in honor of Dan on Saturday, Nov 14.

It did not occur to me that I could have picked up the race packet before leaving Austin, until my friend Dan A. told me while giving me a ride to the airport that he had procured early packets to ship for the Ohio and Vermont versions of the race. But upon arriving in Buenos Aires, I discovered I still had a bib from a previous race still tucked away in a side pocket of the suitcase that I hadn’t cleaned out. And so on race morning I donned my New York Marathon bib as a place holder and proceeded out two block's from my hotel to the Avenue 9 de Julio. With the Argentine obelisk in the background, I took some pre-race self-portrait pictures, then turned on the GPS, and proceeded to wait 15 minutes for the signal to acquire for the first time the device was used since I crossed into the southern hemisphere.

But finally the GPS was ready and the Argentine Hokahey 5k could start. The streets and sidewalks mostly clear of traffic since Argentinians apparently party until the wee hours and few are up before 8am. Still, I had to stop at a few intersections since the permits had not gone through to close the course. I got a few strange stares from people as I passed. Perhaps because everyone else was in long pants and jackets while I was in T-shirt and shorts.

From the start I ran 2 blocks to the obelisk, then turned and ran to Plaza de Mayo, passing the metropolitan cathedral and the Argentinean version of the White House (which is painted pink). I then ran down to the dock area, along the Puerto Madero waterfront, and then over to Plaza San Martin. From there I started heading back towards my hotel by running through the Florida street pedestrian mall and up Cordoba Ave towards my hotel until the GPS told me I had reached the finish line, near the intersection of Cordoba Ave and Maipu, conveniently less than two blocks from my hotel.

To see a few pictures taken along the course, play the slideshow embedded below or look at the photo album on my smugmug page.

Also embedded below is a Google Map plot of the course.

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  1. This is awesome John! Your course pics are fantastic - I recognize a couple of things from The Amazing Race, when they were there.

  2. What a great idea. Can only imagine the Argentinians who must have wondered how you strayed so far from New York on your run :-).

  3. I was in B.A. a few years back for studies. Just recently started running 5Ks. So this was a pleasure to view. Some of the shots are really good, had a hard time believing that you took them while running. I am hoping that you have a nice camera at your disposal, because your line of sight is so good. Keep running, and if these are really your pictures, keep taking pictures!!

  4. For the record, I did come to a complete stop just long enough to take a pictures. Normally I use a DSLR for pictures, but on runs I carry a small lightweight point-and-shoot camera.

  5. Great pics ! I'm in argentina right now doing some studies , i'm staying on my uncle's buenos aires apartment , and i'm going on almost every marathon i got the chance to, i love running !


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