Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Year in Pictures, 2009

sunset in MauiI have put together a summary of over 40 of my best pictures for this year which can be seen below. Some of these I have not shared on this blog. A break between jobs gave me some extra time this year and I used some of that time to visit some state and national parks throughout the US. This picture album does not include my most recent travels in the last month in South America and Nicaragua since I have not had time to process those pictures. Those new pictures I will share over the next few months as I get them organized.

You can view my year's best pictures in the embedded slideshow below (which might not be visible to those reading through a feed reader), but I would recommend clicking the link to view the pictures in the full page slideshow or else the Smugmug album for better viewing experience.

View as FULL Screen slideshow or on the Smugmug Album for better viewing experience.

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  1. Wow, beautiful pics in wonderful places! Great idea for the calendar. Hope next year is just as good as this one for you!

  2. Your blog and photography are awsome. You have inspired me to start my own. I'm an ultrarunner who has done Tahoe, Bandera, and Big Bend. Am registered for Jemez. Hope to meet you sometime.


  3. I knew that I knew you from somewhere! It's the blog! John, thank you so much for the help at X-roads, and the headlamp change was really a life saver!


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